And So It Begins…..

This afternoon I walked across busy Ringling Blvd towards 1900 Main Street where the pop-up office for the Sarasota Film Festival will reside for the next two weeks. Signs point you to the elevator. This is the first stop filmmakers, press and anyone in the industry must make in order to receive their credentials.

After walking down the quiet dimly lit hallway, I see a ray of light shining through suite 310. Inside you can hear and feel the excitement! Film posters hang on the walls and postcards laid out on the table available to help promote the films.

Frank PR is the firm that handles credentials for the past several years. I go inside the room looking for Tiffany Malloy. I ask the girl with the blonde hair if Tiffany was there. She said, “I’m Tiffany, I am blonde now.”  She certainly is keeping with the theme of the festival; ‘See Things differently.’ She hands me my credentials and off I go, of course I had to stop to see if the two films I worked were on the table or the wall. Turns out Text Message has a full size poster on the wall and post cards were on the table for both films, the other one; A Lot in Common.

Attending the festival as press, I’ve done it before. Blogging about my experience for SRQ Backlot is new to me. To have two short films in the festival, I’m not really sure how or if it will make this festival any different. I’m ready for the journey and perhaps this blog will help you and I ‘See Things Differently.’


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