My Co-Star is a Robot!

Although I missed the Red Carpet event, I did have a chance to sit through the opening night film; Robot & Frank. A feel good movie that kept a smile on my face all the way through. Frank Langella pulled off a genuine performance.

“It was important the robot remain faceless, less is more.”stated the director; Jake Schreier “The robot doesn’t need to do much as long as you have a great actor interacting with it, he can give it so much of what the audience is supposed to feel about it.”

The robot we learned was  played by a young girl named Rachel who had to endure the 100 degree heat. Langella at times couldn’t hear Rachel because of her suit, so he created a robot inside his head and every time he spoke to the robot he pictured it as ‘his’ robot.

Langella was asked to do a table  read with the actress who played the robot. He declined and said he just wanted to do it from the heart without any acting. By doing this it made the performance real.

Susan Sarandon played the local librarian in this film. She was very likable and a good fit for Langella’s character Frank. Leaving the theater I did a double take, did I just pass Susan Sarandon? She wasn’t listed as one of the celebrities at the festival. She said she isn’t Sarandon but, I’m not so sure I believe her… she is a good actress after all.

The more I hear and see Frank Langella, the more he reminds me of Dr. Wayne Dyer. A compliment for both.

Keeping with the robot theme, the after party included live robots in latex outfits that glowed in the blue lights. It was a nice touch. I never did make it to the food, the line was way too long. Instead I had dessert, cake on a stick in assorted flavors.

Overall the theater was packed and the party has officially just begun.ImageImageImage


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