Shorts 8: SRQ FL Shorts 1 – Review

I spent my Saturday afternoon at the Hollywood 20 watching SRQ/FLA Shorts 1. A Lot in Common directed by Jacqueline Serrano was the first of five shorts to be shown, it was also the film I worked on as a producer. A true story about a grandmother and the bond her and her grandson share. Both Jini Mount and Kian played themselves, neither had any formal acting lessons.  I’ve seen it a couple times before but never on the big screen! The whole cast and crew were present and excited to fill the theater. I asked Kian who is four years old, what he thought about seeing himself on the big screen for the first time, he said,” the first time my brother saw it he cried.”  Truly a feel good family film that will have you reflecting on your grandparents and the bonds you shared.


(above) Some of the cast and crew heading to the theater to see their film;  A LOT IN COMMON

The Devil in Me was a short by Director; John Weaver. The female lead captured my attention with a stand out performance. A short film about losing a child and the darkness that sets in after. I really enjoy the ambiance of the film, the set designer did a terrific job.

If you enjoy mysteries In The Grove  directed by Datev Gallagher will keep you guessing. It’s a slow moving film set out deep in the Florida orange groves. A young girl and her precious array of dogs are on the look out for a dangerous animal that escaped the local zoo.

Just My Luck directed by Amanda DiMase is a six minute short film that brings you on a journey of a college student trying to return a book. It will have you laughing with the surprise ending.

One of my favorite shorts was Pour Stars directed by Caroline Stevens-Sommers and produced by Dean McDermitt. About a local bartender that takes his job seriously. If you’ve never heard of flairtending your in for a treat. The music is upbeat and the cinematography was captivating.

All of the films above will be shown again on Wednesday; April 18th at 1:00pm. Please be sure to fill out the ballot at the end to vote for your favorite short.


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