Imagine a family member passing away and hiring someone to come in to mirror your loved one to help you cope with your loss.










Bizarrely theatrical and strange and I have no idea what it meant. I wish I did. –Jamie

From the Oscar nominated Greek film Dogtooth; Director Yorgos Lanthimos brings his bizarre new film, ALPS to the Sarasota Film Festival. Have you seen this film? I had no intention of seeing this foreign film, partly because I scheduled another film around the same time. After speaking to Elisabeth Stevens who reviews films for a radio station and seeing how distraught she was, I was intrigued.

I also hesitated to see this film because it’s in Greek with English subtitles. Sometimes I don’t want to read, I just want to sit back and watch a film. Subtitles can take away from seeing the film as a whole. Surprisingly that was not the case with this film. The text was perfectly sized and placed so I could get the full effect.

I walked out of this film seriously dumbfounded, a loss of words. What just happened?I was transported to a world I never ever imagined existed and the concept, well you must be demented to come up with this idea. I never sat through a movie where the audience was non reactive. A dark cold uncomfortable film that got a few laughs but more on the, I’m not sure how to react to this so I am going to partly laugh.

A group of four individuals run an underground business; when there is death in a family, members of the ALPS are contracted to play the role of the deceased.

The movie goers I spoke to after the film; three young men from New College and an older local couple all have seen this director’s previous film, Dogtooth last year at the SFF. Read their reactions to this film.

*I liked it. I’ve seen his previous film Dogtooth his previous film and liked it. This one is pretty similar. There trying to escape from this messed up system and the other one he sets up this weird system that falls apart as the movie progresses. – New College Student

 *I’ve never seen anything by this director before. I’ve never seen a Greek film before. I would recommend a friend of mine to see it and my parents. – New College Student

 *I would recommend the people who I am friends with to see it but not my parents. – New College Student

 *Some of the scenes were really amazing. He created this unique strange world that we really don’t know. I think it was bizarrely theatrical and strange and I have no idea what it meant. I wish I did. –Jamie

 *He created a whole world that you were drawn into. –Jamie’s wife

 * I’ve never seen anything like it. I wanted to leave a few times but, I wanted to see how it ended. – Dayle


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