Mildly Euphoric

Foos Don’t Lie 


Christine Alexander

48 Hour Improvisational Film by Wes Roberts

There was no opportunity for Christine and the other actors to work with each other or to bounce concepts off each other.

– Wes Roberts; Director

Christine Alexander and Dayle Hoffmann sit and watch our short films together during the SFF.

In a 48 hour film everyone has a different experience

– West Roberts

This was a hilarious short film with various conversations  taking place over a foos ball table in random places.

I knew almost all the people in the film including  Sage Hall (who stars in JustUs another short in the same group); Pete Hansen (who worked on Text Message with me in the same group of shorts) to name two.

Watching your own film can be excitingly nail-biting! Sitting to the right of me during the screening is Wes Roberts; director of Foos Don’t Lie. He made the film in 48 hours. I spoke to him after the film as we were all being rushed out of the theater so the next film could start.

I watched you bite your nails part of the time during the film, did you do that on set, were you nervous?

The only time I would bite my nails is when you’re in front of an audience because you’re so excited to know how the audience is going to react and you re-experience the film newly with every screening.

Every screening is a world première it doesn’t matter how small, doesn’t matter the group, your along for the ride with that audience. The audience seemed to really appreciate it and love it.

How do you feel right now?

You feel mildly euphoric when an audience loves your creation. Makes you feel like all the hard work and team work, the great talent of all your partners that went into it was invested well.

 Will you make another 48 hour film?

For sure! A 48 hour film is a really fun experience. One thing a movie making experience can do is expand and expand and swallow up your whole life. It’s something you love  but maybe you can’t afford the time.

With a 48 hour film you compress the amount of time that is possible to put into it.

Shameful attempt to take a photo of (L-R) Wes Roberts, Christine Alexander and Joey Panek during the screening of their film. Was going for reactions since this is a funny short I figure you might understand it's nature.


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