Unconventional Networking Can Open Doors

What does Movieville International Film Festival Do for You?

Atkins touching up Shorts make-up during the opening night party.

 I caught up with Joannie Atkins while she was touching up Executive Producer; Susan Shorts make-up at Salvatore’s Italian Kitchen at the opening night party on Friday evening. Atkins invited by a local salon; Che Bella to assist on two fashion shows associated with the festival. She calls herself a jack-of-all-trades, “I do special effects, costuming, beauty and hair, and most people wouldn’t associate one person with all those traits.”

Atkins understands how important a festival like this is to her career, “It gets me back in touch with the community and puts me in front of more people in the industry.” If you’re a little shy and you prefer the smaller venues to network, this is the perfect atmosphere for you to talk with people in the industry one-on-one. “It’s about networking, making personal connections, “says Susan Short.

Stepping outside your regular networking routine and into something unique and different could lead to opportunities you never knew existed. In the entertainment industry many products, services and consulting opportunities arise. Actors need training for certain roles, craft services a requirement on set, locations for production are always needed and you just never know when you’ll be called upon, unless you make the first step.

To contact Joannie Atkins visit 500px.com/joannieatkins or email her


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