A Film Savvy Community?

How Do You Let the World Know Sarasota is A Film Savvy Community? Support Your Local Film Festivals Of Course!

Corcoran announcing awards at closing night Red Carpet Gala at Maximo.

“The more film festivals Sarasota supports, the more it proves we truly are a film savvy community, “Jeanne Corcoran; Sarasota’s Film Commissioner, tells me when I ask her why the Sarasota County Film & Entertainment Office decided to sponsor Movieville International Film Festival 2012 (MIFF). “We try to support every film festival no matter how small or large as best we can within our budget, Through Women’s Eyes, GOPT and the Fabulous Independent Film Festival at Burns Court Cinema are a few in addition to Movieville, “ say Corcoron “as long as it’s in our mandate, we will try and help.”

Corcoran calls Sarasota Film Festival the crown jewel of all festivals, yet she thinks MIFF, Founded by Alan Bailey, is in its infancy -‘ a little gem’ and hopes it grows to become bigger, broader and wider in scope bringing in more celebrities. One celebrity it did bring in this year is Sofya Skya who not only plays the lead actress Maya, but also was one of the directors. The film’s world première took place this weekend and took home three awards; Best Cinematographer, Best Actress and Best Picture.

It’s ironic, when I asked Jeanne what surprised her most at the festival she said, “I was surprised a beautiful ballerina could act.” Corcoran is referring to Skya’s background as a professional ballerina in real life as well as portrayed by her character Maya in White Swan, “You don’t expect someone who has focused their life on the art of ballet to be a fine actress and director, so that was surprising.”

Alan Bailey (Executive Artistic Director/Founder of MIFF) & Susan Short (Executive Producer MIFF).


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