Short Film – Big Screen!

TEXT MESSAGE…. a short film by

Filmmaker Jamal Badra

In The Spotlight

Producer; Jamal Badra of Text Message attending Movieville’s Beach Party at Tarpon Pointe Grill & Tiki Bar.

DayleHow does it feel to have your short film; TEXT MESSAGE accepted into another film festival in Sarasota; Movieville International Film Festival to be specific?

Jamal: It’s wonderful to showcase my movie again on the big screen. It got great feedback. I was happy to talk to a couple of people who took the time to find me after the film to make positive comments.

Dayle: What was the process of submitting your film to MIFF like?

Jamal: It was not a hard process. I submitted the application and blue ray for them to review and they accepted it.

 Dayle: What advice do you have for filmmakers who want to follow your footsteps?  

Jamal: Go with you passion. Apply to every film festival you can, submit your application, get it out there and eventually a festival will take your film!

Thanks Jamal and congratulations to the cast and crew! We are looking forward to more great things from you. Oh and Rhonda would like a copy of the completed version of the DVD…. wink;)

*(For those of you who don’t know I play the character of Rhonda in this short and I am the publicist. Produced by Badra Films and Jamal Badra, a film by film flo Productions visit to find out more about Text Message and other films by Jamal.)

Movie Flyer for TEXT MESSAGE w/ Cast & Crew


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