SANDY-Too Close To Home

Ray Rodriguez & Lori Collins meet up with me at Pastry Art in Sarasota to donate to the victims of Sandy.

Spotlight on Local Sarasota Couple Helping  Super  Storm Sandy Victims

Sarasota couple Ray Rodriguez & Lori Collins of 1L1R Enterprises; Film Production ( heeded my call when I placed an update on Facebook Friday informing anyone that wants to donate to the victims of Sandy directly to meet with me on Saturday at the farmers market since I would be making a trip to New York for work and would have direct contact with victims. I also have family on Long Island that has been without power for going on 5 days.

 Why Contribute? Rodriguez says, “We grew up in Jersey City and have a couple of friends that lost everything. It’s very touchy what’s happening. New York; the Jersey Shore that we grew up in, Seaside isn’t there anymore. The Ferris wheel we rode often, it’s not there anymore.” Collins says, “We’ll continue to help, we have friends up there healing now.

We encouraged friends to stay safe, we are used to preparing for hurricanes. Most people have been living without for electricity for 4 or 5 days. A Category one hurricane did more damage to them then it would have for those living here in Florida.

 The humble couple and I work on film productions together. They bring a smile and a positive energy wherever they go and with whomever they come in contact. They donated two $25.00 pre-paid visa cards with a message on the back that says God Be with You. “There hurting and that’s why were reaching out, to help,” Collins stated. “We hope everyone all from all over the country will help, stated Rodriguez, “New Yorkers are always there to for people when they need help, always!”

A big personal THANK YOU to Ray & Lori for having big hearts!


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