I.G.O.R Performs Live on Halloween

(L)Victor De La Garza, (M)Dayle Hoffmann, (R)Mauricio Hernandez Blanca

On October 31, 2012  my friends and I  went to Ivory Lounge on Main Street to see one of my new favorite bands I.G.O.R. perform live. I’ve been speaking to the musicians conducting interviews over the telephone, but never seen them perform. What captivates me isn’t just the eclectic sounds, but the collaborations they are doing with local and national musicians. Kinetic 9 whom I also have been doing interviews,  is featured on their new song ‘Deep Space.

“I.G.O.R. is a Mexican dance music duo composed Mauricio Hernandez and Victor De la Garza. Their sound consists of a fusion of traditional and electronic instruments.

The duo formed in the Lower East Side of New York City in 2008 and has toured the entire U.S. for the past 4 years. I.G.O.R has performed at venues such as The Dalí Museum, Sullivan Hall NYC, and The Ringling Museum of Art. Their new album is scheduled to come out on 12/12/12 and contains their new single ‘Deep Space’ which is currently available online and is a collaboration with the emcee Kinetic 9  (Killarmy member of the legendary Wu-Tang Clan). www.goodoldrobots.com

Connect with I.G.O.R.




Connect with Kinetic 9



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