International Talent

Embracing Change in Sarasota

Francoise Mandonnaud Strotts

Sarasota Farmers Market Book Signing

My favorite thing to do on a Saturday morning, head to the Farmers Market in downtown Sarasota. Aside from getting my fresh produce this particular week (November 03, 2012), I noticed an area with local authors doing book signings. As a book lover, I feel there is no better gift to give than a book and to have the author sign it is even better.

One particular woman stood out to me, her name Francoise Mandonnaud Strotts – her book titled “Frenchie.”  After speaking with her, I learned she was one of the most talented classical ballet dancers in Europe. Born in Limoges, France, she became an American Citizen and calls Sarasota, FL her home.

She is an accomplished dancer who has been performing not only the stage, but in the theater and even appeared on Star Search. Her most recent career aside from an author, is an artist. Her paintings have been exhibited in galleries, festivals and art shows from Williamstown, MA and of course locally in Sarasota and Bradenton, FL. To learn more about this dynamic talent living amongst us, pick up her book at Book1Store on Main Street or visit her website at


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