Free Chicken Wings and Vodka



“When a wing sucks we shouldn’t have to be quiet about it in front of the owner” – Wing lover in the film

What do chicken wings, Tito’s Handmade Vodka and Clasico Cafe and Bar have in common? THE GREAT CHICKEN WING HUNT, a film in the Sarasota Film Festival will be holding a complimentary after party sponsored by Tito’s Handmade Vodka on April 8th from 3:30pm – 7:30pm at Clasico Cafe and Bar.

16 days, 70 of the best wing houses in the world and the misfits who made history – that is the topic of this film. One man so passionate about chicken wings he quits his job at Reuters and The New York Times to make this documentary.

You can see The Great Chicken Wing Hunt during the Sarasota Film Festival 2013 on April 8th at 1:15pm and April 9th at 9:15am by purchasing tickets at


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