A Song Still Inside

The film portrays two actors Mike (Rodrigo Loresti and Maggie (Susan Highsmith) living in a New York City apartment raising a child. Both are actors, but Maggie is booking more jobs than Mike, leaving him to act as the stay at home Dad.

Along the way you see Mike’s frustration build when he gets auditions and can’t get a sitter when it comes to his appointment time. He goes so far as to contemplate leaving his child in the crib with the cell phone and 
mobile phone linked.

The relationship between Maggie and Mike seem to pretty good. Mike is extremely patient in the film, you kind of sit there waiting for him to blow up or freak out. He has written a script and when it’s accepted
he has to decide between his family and his career. I enjoyed the movie, it was a bit slow-paced for me, but they do a great job of building anticipation.

A Song Still Inside, comes from the struggle of Mike having a dream and wanting to fulfill it, instead he watches his wife fulfill her dream while he takes care of the baby. This film show the consequences of this struggle.

Director Gregory Collins and Tom Hall during the Q&A.

Director Gregory Collins and Tom Hall during the Q&A.

There is a phrase used throughout the film that Mike says to the baby, “I see you.” At the Q&A after the screening, Director, Gregory Collins tells us that he got that phase from the movie Titanic. The film was shot in eighteen
days with a budget under $100K. The acting was my favorite part of this film.

Next showing Friday April 12, 2:30pm


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