cookie butter

There I am in the peanut butter aisle at Trader Joe’s, starring at about 15 different brands when I see a sign that suggests I purchase Cookie Butter because its one of the staff’s favorites. Cookie Butter; I say to myself….. well what the heck is it?

I am curious, picking up the glass jar I read SPECULOOS COOKIE BUTTER, A delicious unusual spread reminiscent of gingerbread and made with crushed biscuits; well I am sold on gingerbread and not being a cookie fan, the fact that it was biscuits, now I have to try it!

Since chocolate and I disagree with each other, I have found the perfect replacement. This cookie butter is so unique in flavor, so divine that I scoop some out of the jar with a spoon and eat it raw, it needs no invitation to mix flavors just spread on your tongue and savor the flavors that melt your taste-budsAll you have to do is taste it to understand suggest the label – wow, its sinful,  my taste buds dance and sing, then ask for an encore. 

The label suggests you spread it on pancakes or waffles, serve on ice cream, dip pretzels or celery okay, I can see those, but it tells me to try Peanut butter and Cookie butter sandwiches…. hello? I have peanut butter in my house, but no bread which is a good thing because scooping the peanut butter on a spoon and topping it with cookie butter already almost glued my mouth shut, the bread would have made it worse – I tried it for you, I don’t suggest it. If you must mix it try cookie butter and banana slices – now that would be a perfect match.

If you desire a snack that will fulfill your cravings, give it a try! This will be a hit at any party, try it – if you like cake batter or cookie dough, you will love Cookie Butter! Find more stories like this at


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