Edamame Instead of Popcorn

Popcorn is the traditional snack you make when you decide to watch a movie, there aren’t many health benefits to eating it and it’s rough on your teeth. Edamame on the other hand is healthy and a more filling and fun alternative.

So, what is Edamame? Edamame is a fancy name for Soybean which is enclosed in a string bean like pod. Popular in Japanese, Chinese and Hawaiian cuisine, pods are boiled, lightly dusted with salt and served in a bowl ready for you to get to work. I say work because you don’t typically eat the outer shell, it’s what’ lies inside that’s the prize.

Although Edamame is a fun food to eat, I prefer to buy the frozen kind that is already out of the pod. Place the contents in boiling water and within five minutes your Edamame is ready. No need for salt if you are looking for a healthy alternative, I think it tastes great without it, but if you want additional flavoring try cayenne pepper; a spice with a kick that helps to speed up your metabolism.

Known as a nutritional snack with a punch, Edamame is rich in carbs, proteins, dietary fiber and micronutrients. It tastes great hot or cold. Try serving in individual bowls with chopsticks on the side, they make a good practice food for learning how to use them. Next time you decide to watch a movie, give Edamame the green light!


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