SARATOPIA: War on Terrorism or Tourists?

Sarasota, Florida is known for it’s ridiculous off the wall issues and Saratopia, a webisode created by Hub Studios knows exactly how to make light of them, as well as stir up controversy. Hey, who doesn’t love to laugh out loud.

Watch Season 2 Episode 2:  War on Terrorism here. Stick around for the outtakes, Lucus Colavecchio; HubStudios Co-Founder aka Luke Crawford is brilliant along with Beneva Fruitville.

Click here to watch all the episode prior. Enjoy and feel free to leave comments to let me know what you think.


One thought on “SARATOPIA: War on Terrorism or Tourists?

  1. Absolutely Hilarious..I’m still laughing… or as a restaurant owner said,”we’re attracting a more sophisticated crowd, as a young man was losing his lunch out of the man’s view…Stay Classy

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