‘Perq’d Between Two Wheels

‘Single’ shot – like minds with a coffee edge and a creative urban palate!  Perq Coffee & Bar

Party of one! Yes, that's two drinks one to quench, the other to savor.

Party of one! Yes, that’s two drinks one to quench, the other to savor.

The sun is up and it’s only 7 am, excited to jump on my bicycle and take a leisurely yet active ride to a place the makes me happy. It’s fairly new; the town’s buzzing saying, “this hot spot serves the best coffee in town.”

I check in on Foursquare, not counting how many times I’ve been to Pequ Coffee Bar, it tells me I’ve been here four times in less than a week. Jared S is Mayor, leading with eleven check-ins – let’s see if I can challenge his loyalty.  Perq, may I suggest a ‘perk’ for the mayor and your loyal following?

Foursquare is so kind, they wished me a Happy Tuesday, you too 4sq.

Foursquare is so kind, they wished me a Happy Tuesday, you too 4sq.

A Zen like feeling instantly hits me when I walk through the door; warm natural colors blend softly, a natural shade of green giving you that fresh grass-like feeling. Smiling faces behind the counter invite me to explore fresh coffee. No hesitation, I haven’t tried the Coava Kilenso (strawberry / chocolate cake / brandy) that’s my choice, fresh pressed, no cream, no sugar – black.

In addition to my coffee, my ride has me craving cold Matcha lemonade served over ice and a lemon pastry (please bake more Vaniljbular, you were out the past two visits and I’m a fan) . Picking up my coffee, I see a familiar face speaking with the barista, Paul Caragiulo. A quick hello and I find myself a seat I haven’t sat in yet, a new view of this familiar fresh space.

DELIGHT  the art of being a woman

the art of being a woman

My eyes drawn to a magazine I have yet to explore, Darling Magazine; it takes me places no other magazine has been able to do. A natural essence captures, ‘the art of being a woman,’ just like the cover says. The paper it’s printed on, the photographs and the unique captures, titles and layout; have me inspired. I found a magazine that if I were to start one, this would be exactly it!

Going through the Summer 2013 and Winter 2012 editions I take photos of  interesting and fun pictures, quotes or things that inspire me, I find my notepad on my phone and write words I want to remember, ideas that beckon to be captured – mindful thoughts are dancing around like you would in a garden full of tulips or sunflowers.

Easily an hour has gone by; I’ve encountered two more familiar faces, Craig Worsham – Founder; 82 West and Linda Kim Lee –Owner; Pacific Rim. My body, mind and spirit, happy as a bird singing on a wire, ready to journey back home, but not before taking a different route home than I arrived from.

I take the opportunity to round Mound Street rather take Osprey all the way home. Riding my bike a cool breeze gentle presses against my face while the bluest of water from Sarasota Bay, the Ringling Bridge and sail boats appear in front of me, reminding me, this is why I not only live in Sarasota, but why I choose to live downtown.

I can get used to being between two wheels. I have to thank Assunta Swier, she and her family ride their bikes everywhere, “you may not know this Assunta, but you inspire me to get on my bike and ride, thank you.”

My Sunday afternoon at Perq. 12:30pm, the place to be.

My Sunday afternoon at Perq. 12:30pm, the place to be.

Thank you Perq Coffee Bar for providing an ambiance that inspires me. This Party of One is content. A message to those souls seeking a place of comfort, it’s a safe haven for you. You will feel welcome with opportunity to be alone in your space or to meet like minds with a coffee edge and a creative urban palate. This is as fresh as it gets.


One thought on “‘Perq’d Between Two Wheels

  1. Following up, a couple days after the article came out, Perq Coffee Bar added a ‘perk’ for the Foursquare Mayor and when I went in today, they had right out of the over fresh vaniljbular buns – now you have to love a place that listens to their customers and act right away! Thank you!

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