Uniquely Chic’ Jackie Z


Jackie Zumba  (Photo by John Joseph Revisky)

Jackie Zumba
(Photo by John Joseph Revisky)

Fashion Forward Entrepreneur

Jackie Zumba

     Jackie Zumba’s love for high-end fashion started when her Mother; JoAnn Zumba used to take her shopping on 5th Avenue in her hometown of New York City. She was always the best dressed child, not much has changed since then. Zumba now living in Sarasota, Florida continues to gain attention with her style, nominated as Best Dressed by SRQ Magazine 2013 and named Best Men & Women’s Boutique by Sarasota Magazine 2013.

Owner of Jackie Z Style & Co. Boutique, Uniquely Chic by Jackie Z; an exclusive accessory line and her own label; Jackie Z – Zumba is well on her way to achieving her goal; to have all her stores carry her designs and clothing exclusively.

Jackie Zumba and Brian Kins (Photo by Arielle Photography)

Jackie Zumba and Brian Kins (Photo by Arielle Photography)

Having lived all over the country Zumba knows having a boutique itself isn’t enough, you need to stand out. She takes all the things she’s attracted to in high-end retail stores such as; luxury, quality and personalized service, and puts her own spin on it, tailoring to her clients. From the interior to exterior, every detail is meticulously chosen for the client to experience luxury and glamour, with an atmosphere as relaxing as a spa.

Jackie helps her clients build their overall style, starting with being honest with them. Because image and reputation is everything, she will turn a sale down if she feels it won’t be a good representation of her boutique. Making sure her client’s look and feel their best will bring more people through the door since they represent her brand once they leave the store.

Owning a boutique isn’t all glamour, there is a lot of stress that comes with it. For Zumba, she takes kick-boxing, yoga and heads to the beach in her off time, but there is nothing like shopping and travel to remove the edge. Luckily, these are two of her favorite things to do and when it comes to purchasing clothes for her boutique.

Traveling to places like New York, Miami and Las Vegas to meet buyers takes a lot of planning and foreseeing trends. Zumba does her research, yet not everything is planned. At times lingering off the beaten track has brought opportunity to stumble upon a brand she had not included. At these shows she forms relationships with buyers and designers and wins them over with her personality and knowledge of her business. Carrying specific high-end designers takes more than meets the eye.

Jackie Zumba (photo by Arielle Original  Art Photography)

Jackie Zumba (photo by Arielle Original Art Photography)

Zumba opened Jackie Z Style & Co. November 11, 2011 and has only been looking forward since. Hiring her family and close friends as a support system within her boutique helps her keep focused on her long-term commitment. The local community of Sarasota has also played a big role in Zumba’s success. Being involved in events, fundraisers and giving back through sponsorships and donations keeps her grounded and is extremely important to her.

Maxi dresses in almost every style and color is what you are most likely to find Zumba dressed in. Her love for fashion and styling are evident. Jackie Zumba not even thirty years old is on her way to building herself a fashionable empire; keep your eyes on this fashion forward entrepreneur.

Jackie Z Style & Co., 1464 Main Street, Sarasota, FL. 34236, (941) 554-8335 www.jackiezstyle.com.


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