Table For One: Matto Matto


Matto Matto;  defined as mad, crazy, insane and the perfect way to describe the new Italian Cafe & Wine bar at 536 S. Pineapple Ave.  I couldn’t be happier knowing this beautiful corner is back in business. Family owned and renovated by father and son team, it’s the perfect place to dine by the fountain outdoors or inside in the sexy ambiance.

For some reason I find myself having dinner around 8pm quite often. It makes it hard for me to decide where to go. After putting out a call on Facebook on suggestions for Table For One,  David Daly’s suggestion of Matto Matto was the push I needed to get off the couch and just go. Independent dining isn’t always easy and as social as I am, I still need a push at times.

As I walked towards the front door I noticed a man sitting outdoors enjoying dinner, at first I thought he was alone, but when I looked down, I noticed  ‘man’s best friend’ relaxing comfortably at his side. I go inside and enter a place that immediately gives me a feeling of comfort.  Red Mosaic tile frames the bar with red lucid bar stools and chairs  throughout, candles glowing on the table and Italian music playing the classics.

I am seated at a quaint table for  just a few moments, until I see Alexis Clarke walk in and sit by herself. We started to talk and decided to sit together. I like this place already, everyone is talking Italian, even our server has an Italian accent, it adds to the authentic experience.

Bruchetta Mista is the Antipasti I chose, it’s three varieties including Classica, Porchetta and Artichoke Pate’. Owner, Alessandra Settimi was sure to have me taste the Porchetta, a family recipe. I am not a big fan of pork, but when someone is that passionate about food as I am, I go for it. It is amazing, I’ll let you experience and define it for yourself.

Homemade Crepe is another house specialty. It’s late and I don’t want to eat anything too heavy, I decide to try the Crepe conSpinaci e Ricotta. Housemade crepes filled with ricotta  and spinach topped with beschamel sauce and Parmigiano with a side of arugula (I love this peppery salad) is so delicious, I don’t recall every having a crêpe so light and airy.

After great conversation, people watching and ambiance, I am told that I can not leave without tasting the homemade tiramisu prepared by ‘grandma’ in a glass jar. I told Alessandro, “I gave up on tiramisu, I just don’t get why people love this dessert.” He tells me, “My grandmother makes it and the cream she uses is the best.” I took it home and promised to return the jar, I just didn’t have room and if it’s as good as he says, then I want to enjoy it.

As I was leaving, Tatyana Sharoubim and her friend were finishing up their meal. I noticed they had an empty jar on their table. She whispered to me, “The tiramisu is orgasmic,” I replied, “It’s a good thing I am eating it at home.”

To make a long story short, it wasn’t long before taking the jar out of my fridge and diving in. Oh My Oh My… wow,  Tatyana and Alessandro were right, this dessert is unlike anything I’ve tasted before. It’s soo good that I stopped myself from eating it so I could have some later. Ha, that lasts about five minutes before I went back for more, put it away again and then said the heck with it and finished it. Dreamy and creamy is the best way to describe this tiramisu!

I love this place for a Table For One. I had a great experience between the ambiance, familiar faces, the classic genuineness of the owners and staff and they are pet friendly – I will be back and I hope to see you there. Find them on Facebook/mattomattosrq.


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