New York City Meets Lazy Fairy Improv

 This Saturday Lazy Fairy Improv puts on a two act show, not to be missed! What’s great about these shows, you the audience take part in it. Yes, you throw out suggestions and you even get to get up on stage and be a part of the show. Caution, if you hide your face and you look uninterested – you will be chosen!

Christine Alexander spent one month in NYC this past summer training with the best improv artists. She is ready to take the stage and show Sarasota her take on the big apple! Mad talented, Alexander has never been afraid to take a risk. Some of you might know her when she shaved her head and posted it on YouTube, then people hired her to wear advertisements, yes on her head -brave I tell you! I enjoyed coming to work everyday and seeing her in her pink roller skates taking video of herself – she is her own dolly!

Who else is performing? Joey Panek  (How bout Joey) , of course!

These two off stage are a riot – they are like Siamese twins, connected by brain waves not bodies. Panek, a #selfie (look it up) can be found in the Hub Studios filming, or at the Y teaching Dance Trance or just at home pampering LuLu his pride and joy!

There are many others in the Lazy Fairy Improv Troupe, but I know Alexander and Panek best. I love to laugh and if you do too, then see them together this Saturday, September 28th on stage 7:30pm at the HUB (1680 Fruitville Road, 3rd Floor). Tickets are $20 includes one drink or you can purchase VIP Tickets $30 gets you a seat on the couches in the front row, unlimited bar and lite fare by Pacific Rim – spring for this, because you will roll get it ‘spring roll.’ – yes, that’s why I am not on stage!

Click here for tickets and more information. I will see you there!  BRING CASH SO YOU CAN TIP YOUR FAVORITE PEEPS – They work hard and appreciate your support in their endeavors!


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