Ringling International Arts Festival 2013

Photo Credit Thomas Bender

Photo Credit Thomas Bender

“An intense way to experience contemporary international performance.” -Stephen High; Executive Director, Ringling Museum

Wednesday October 9th kicked off the 5th annual Ringling International Arts Festival with a cocktail party in the brand new visitors pavilion at the museum. According to Anna von Gehr; Senior Director of Development for Ringling Museum, the space is as large as a football field and everything in the area is brand new including landscaping. “We specifically knew this would be the opening event for RIAF, ” says von Gehr; “the timing of this whole renovation was tied to this event.”

Guests were treated to an intense performance by dancer, Rocio Molina from Spain performing

(L) Dayle Hoffmann, Anna van Gehr, Susan Short (photo credit: Still Silver Photography)

(L) Dayle Hoffmann, Anna van Gehr, Susan Short (photo credit: Still Silver Photography)

Danzaora y Vinatica  at the Asolo Rep in the Mertz Theatre. Molina received her nation’s most coveted National Prize for dance in 2010. Molina accompanied by Eduardo Trassierra  (guitar), Jose Angel Carmona (singer and mandola) and Jose Manuel Ramos (hand clapping and beat),  held everyone’s attention with sexy movement, fancy foot work, sounds of Flamenco guitar and voices that melted your heart. Guests were treated a luxurious dinner in the Museum of Art to end the evening.

Photo Credit Thomas Bender

Photo Credit Thomas Bender



Ringling International Arts Festival is one of the signature programs at The Ringling. It is a celebration of all contemporary performing arts. You won’t find anything like this in Sarasota. They are bringing in International artists from all over the world including Minks, Iran and Spain, to name a few. It’s a fabulous mix of dancing and theatre. 2013 marks the fifth year and the last year in partnership with Baryshnikov Arts Center

 “The great thing about theatre is, it makes us question who we are and how we want to connect with the world around us.” says von Gehr speaking about Belarus Free Theatre’s Minsk, 2011: A reply to Kathy Acker,  “It’s not a light show, but it’s a very important show. It touches on a lot of heavy issues in that part of the world. “  Other performances include Sherlock Jr by  Stephen Prutsman and the Aeolus Quartet, Hamlet, Prince of Grief by the Leev Theatre Group and Dance by Tere O’Connor.

Photo by Thomas Bender

Photo by Thomas Bender

To wrap RIAF, a closing night party scheduled on Saturday, October 12, will take place in the Museum of Art Courtyard with live music from New York MinuteGuests will walk the red carpet, enjoy a beautiful sunset and are invited to a special viewing of Icons of Style. For information and tickets for RIAF, click here Ringling Museum.

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