Table For One: Shakespeare’s English Pub

With cooler weather upon us, it feels like a good time to visit Shakespeare’s English Pub. Open 7 days a week for lunch or dinner, and well know for their variety of burgers and 80 beers from around the world.

Close to Siesta Key and right off Osprey Ave., it’s less than 8 minutes from downtown. Hidden away in a small shopping center, Shakespeare’s is well-known among the locals. With plenty of parking, a few outdoor tables and a cozy sports bar pub atmosphere, it makes me feel at home.

I started off at the bar, but the men discussing hashtags was getting a little loud, so at first I thought I would take the food to-go since I wasn’t feeling well, but spotted a small table by the door that would allow me to wallow in my anti-social mood.

The Spicy English Beer Dip served with pita chips is one of the favorites among locals on the menu ( dip made from cheddar cheese, English Ale, spices and green onions). I dunk my perfect lightly fried pita chip into the spicy beer dip, close my eyes and experience the ultimate flavor combination. I could sit alone and eat the entire dip by myself, that is how good it is! Follow that with my all time favorite triple golden ale; La Fin Du Monde (end of the world)  and this place is already becoming a favorite.

As I wait for my order, I observe a constant flow of people coming though the door. Some of those people are alone and head to the bar, others a group of three or four who sit at a booth and a table outside.  I can see why Shakespeare’s English Pub is a winner; the year round holiday lights, along with dark wood furniture and cranberry coated walls, bring a cozy warm festive atmosphere, paired with multiple televisions, keep it sporty and fun.

Known for their gourmet specialty burgers, I order the best seller; British Burger (bacon, Stilton cheese, mushrooms and onions). I do want to go back and try Caramelized Onion & Brie Burger next time or the Horseradish Cheddar & Bacon Burger, they have nine to choose from and they all provoke my taste buds. When my burger is set in front of me, my first impression: How am I going to get my mouth around that? – it is massive! I smush my burger with my hand, cut it in half and take a bite…. deliciously juicy (get extra napkins) with a toasted rosemary bun followed by a few french fries –Table for One highly approved.

With a menu and beer selection to please any world traveler, and an atmosphere that will coddle you, Shakespeare’s English Pub is one of those places to put at the top of your list for a Table For One. Shakespeare’s English Pub, 3550 Osprey Ave., Sarasota, 941-364-5938,


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