Lady Gaga Fit to be Square

I wonder if Lady Gaga is in denial of her shoulders?

It’s often said that it’s difficult to feel feminine when you have square shoulders. – 

After watching Lady Gaga’s performance on The Voice Finale, it dawned on me – most of the costumes I’ve seen her in are square-shouldered. I went to the internet to look, and several photos came up.

I came across a website that talks about Lady Gaga posting her albumin cover for Born This Way taken by British fashion photog Nick Knight, on Twitter — Gaga was apparently born with built-in ’80s-era-sized shoulder pads. Which could explain all those outre outfits — trying to draw attention away from her pointy little shoulder blades (Source: Pop2It).  

Regardless, I think she is brave to exaggerate and emphasize what she may have struggled with and possibly teased about at a younger age. Personally, I have never seen square shoulders and I think it’s sexy as hell! It looks like she is enhancing her shoulders and showing there is true beauty in being Fit to be Square -Go Gaga!!



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