Philadelphia Here I Come

Theatre: Philadelphia Here I Come

Asolo Repertory Theatre  (Now playing until April 12, 2014)

“Everyone at some point in their life experiences a goodbye, whether going off to college or saying goodbye to a loved one.” -Sasha Fields ; Public Relations Manager, Asolo Rep Theatre 

Moving from a small town in Ireland to big city life, has Gar O’Donnell excited, yet uneasy to leave his past behind without answering a few questions about his parents. This is a very funny energizing play in the first half, but towards the end it takes on a more somber feel. Somber because it starts to get real, he is in the final stages of his goodbye. The actors are exciting, well versed, and you may recognize a few faces if you’ve been attending previous shows. Always an exciting night at The Asolo Rep.

“In my position I get to see the whole show develop because I am in rehearsals. I see the actors grow into their roles,” says recently appointed Public Relations Manager; Sasha Fields. “Frank Galatti directs the play, he’s an open creative person, and a joy to watch. You see the actors open up ask questions and input their ideas – that’s just a beautiful collaborative process.”

Need an escape, head to Philadelphia Here I Come at Asolo Rep, curtain closes April 12, 2014.


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