Electronic Cigarettes A Smoking Alternative

Kirk Henry, owner of Clean Smoke Electronic Cigarette and e-Liquids.We all know people who smoke cigarettes and have tried to quit. Some have success quitting cold turkey, others use the patch or gum, but a trend that has helped more people quit is the electronic cigarette.  

“I went in to Clean Smoke four and a half weeks ago, got set up with my kit and quit smoking cigarettes for good! It’s an amazing difference! I’ve been bringing friends in as well, great referral plan!” -David Perkowski

Kirk Henry; Founder of Clean Smoke, was a smoker for over thirty years. He quit successfully after using electronic cigarettes and e-liquids. Having that kind of success inspired Henry to help others by opening his first Clean Smoke Electronic Cigarettes & E-Liquids store November 2011 in Sarasota, FL., “It helped me, I thought it could help anyone.”  Since then, he has opened four stores in the surrounding area and two more in Miami, FL with several more planned.

The industry itself is garnering a lot of media attention because of the success of these stores across the nation. “We’re not just a store front getting in on it,” says Henry “We are growing our business forward.” Walk into any Clean Smoke store and you will find a consistency throughout; the atmosphere is clean, fresh and bright, with lime green and white colors adorning the walls, furniture and packaging. Clean Smoke electronic cigarette and e-liquids locations, Sarasota, Bradenton, Brandon, It’s an energy that Henry says is essential, ““A lot of people have stress when they come in, they’re smoking and nervous about walking through the door. It’s a big step in their life. Our stores put the customer at ease with the surroundings and knowledgeable staff.”

Offering coffee and snacks is just one piece of the customer experience, E-liquid is an essential part of the e-cigarette experience. All of Clean Smokes liquids are manufactured in the United States; a key to putting customers at ease. There are over 30 liquid flavors to choose, “We have a tasting board where you can sample all the liquid flavors,” says Henry, ” There is no pressure to buy, come in, try it, if you like it, great.” 

Clean Smoke is introducing a premium line of USA made Organic Liquid in April 2014. “Some people find the Organic VG (vegetable triglyceride) vs PG (propylene glycol) is easier on the throat, smoother and it producers a denser thicker vapor,” Henry says,“People vape it because they are trying to be health conscious. They don’t understand that PG is not bad for you either.” What flavor is Henry’s favorite, “Black Cherry, but I am a tobacco guy, my employees like Cinnamon Red Hot.” Pricing is a bit more at $9.99 compared to the non-organic at $7.99, still less expensive than the normal pack of cigarette.

Clean Smoke Founder, Kirk Henry, vapor, e-cigarette, vape, e-liquid, blowing clouds

Clean Smoke Founder, Kirk Henry.

What separates Clean Smoke from their competition is their commitment to the customer. Quitting isn’t easy and is a scary process, Clean Smoke employee’s take the time to ask each new customer questions that will help them decide what liquid and starter kit is right for them. Each customer is given attention needed to make them comfortable, there are even How To Videos on their website http://www.CleanSmoke.com that instruct them through setting up their starter kit, cleaning the equipment, trouble shooting and more.

Clean Smoke electronic cigarette & e-liquids starter kit.In addition, Clean Smoke has a referral program that rewards customer loyalty, and they offer discounts, coupons, contests and more on their social media sites. They are involved in the community sponsoring events like Chillounge, and recently employed Jorde a local artist to create a fabulous tree mural with their signature leaves. Clean Smoke is committed to carrying high quality products, this requires a tremendous amount of product testing and research, “We are always improving and staying with the new equipment and advances in the industry, “ says Henry. This year their focus is on the liquids, “It’s the most important part of the business.” Henry says, “When they find that flavor that they love, it’s all they want.” 

Recently Clean Smoke has been given the green light to start franchising, “it’s a turn-key operation,” says Henry, “With several inquiries from across the country, people see the potential in this billion dollar industry.” Yet, there is more that goes behind a successful operation; like countless hours on the phone skyping with manufacturers, but Clean Smoke has bottled it and made it available for those wishing to capitalize and share in their success.e-cig, electronic cigarette, Clean Smoke, e-cig battery and atomizer

Many customers come into the store and quit right away with the e-cigarette, and other use it as an alternative to help ween them off cigarettes. Although they haven’t been approved by the FDA yet, they have helped thousands of people live a healthier lifestyle.

If you want to make the switch, Clean Smoke products can be found locally in gas stations, convenient stores and in any of their store fronts in Bradenton, Brandon, Sarasota, North Miami Beach and South Beach Miami. You can also purchase products online through their website www.cleansmoke.com shipping anywhere in the USA. e-juice or e-liquids from Clean Smoke

Find Clean Smoke on Twitter, Instagram, Google +, Foursquare, Facebook and YouTube.

I didn’t even know I wanted to quit, it’s an amazing tool. I promise to spread the word” – Victoria

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3 thoughts on “Electronic Cigarettes A Smoking Alternative

  1. My son is a Pharmacist,9 months ago he came with a Whole ,Clean Smoke kit,gave it to me,and gave me a little ‘No Smoking” lecture…Im 60 and I Smoked since I was 16,in England……Ive never had one since the day my Son,gave me the Clean Smoke Kit

  2. Yes there are That’s exactly the caniimotbon I’m using myself.I try to minimize any possible health risks left by inhaling too much nicotine.Electronic cigarette cartridges usually come in 5 different strengths: VERY HIGH, HIGH, MED, LOW, ZEROJust use ZERO nicotine cartridges and that’s it.

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