How To Love Within

You Are All You Need

Everything I need is within me. I AM LOVE. -Dayle Hoffmann

Stop searching outside yourself for love, you are looking in all the wrong places. Love starts, continues and lasts when you can love yourself from within.

How can you achieve this ‘love’ I speak of? Start with forgiveness. Forgive yourself for anything and everything that has happened to you up until this point, and from this point forward. You can’t control outside circumstances, but you can control the way you react. You made mistakes, recognize them, own them and move forward. This is how you grow. Others may have hurt you or let you down, remind yourself they have their own issues they have to deal with, and how they react is not always about you. Forgiveness is so powerful, and necessary to move forward providing you with a strong foundation.

Let go of ego and let love pour inside you. Look in the mirror, see that person standing there, your exterior is a body wrap, it’s not who you are! You are a precious one-of-a-kind spirit. Who you are, is within you. When you own who you are within, everything else illuminates  – yes even your exterior. Ego holds you back, stop judging yourself, and allowing others to do the same. Really see yourself for who you are; kind, loving, generous, an appreciative and caring soul who shines light wherever you go. Connect with your spirit, see beyond your shell, and you will exude a confidence that can only be contagious to those who are privileged enough to cross your path.

Loving yourself is not selfish, don’t ever let your brain digest that concept. It is necessary to love yourself, you can’t hear that enough. To fully love another human being you must first whole heartedly accept yourself, the whole package – top to bottom, inside and out. Then, and then only can you understand how to love. You truly are all you need!

Affirmation: Everything I need is within me. I am love.

Dayle Hoffmann is a contributor for The Life Connection Magazine. For more conscious living articles visit their website.


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