New Technology Poised to Reform Refrigeration Industry!

“Introducing Cutting-Edge Anti-Fog Technology For A Fog-Free World”

Anti-Fog Systems will introduce its new Anti-Fog Film technology for low temp freezer doors this June at FMIConnect. This product is poised to reform the refrigeration industry by providing a low-cost, zero-energy replacement for anti-sweat heaters.

Doors treated with Anti-Fog Film will not fog, eliminating the need for sweat heaters attached to the glass, lowering energy costs, and creating significant decreases in compressor load. Anti- Fog film provides a 100% constant clear view which means a better experience for the consumer and a better environment for the merchandiser. Proof of concept has been demonstrated in a number of retail grocery stores, and verified by several major utility companies.

A major retail chain’s sustainability manager using our Anti-Fog Film reports, “The results demonstrated that the freezer unit reduced electricity consumption by 47% when the film was applied and the anti-sweat heater was disconnected. Initial calculated values showed an estimated annual savings of 2917.08kWhr for the 5 door unit with total consumption of 6307.2kWhr. Actual values came in at 2980.152kWhr. In addition, store Team Members commented that the visibility of the product through the glass doors was improved.” 

We’ve been looking into anti-fog films for nearly a decade and have had concerns with every film brought to market to date. This product addresses and solves all of these problems. This patented technology is sustainable, easy to remove, and most importantly, effective. The sweat heaters on the glass can be completely removed and no sweating will occur. This is a revelation for the refrigeration industry.” says Angelo Ragone, President of Anti-Fog Systems LLC.


Anti-Fog Systems representatives will demonstrate the properties of this new Anti-Fog Film for attendees of FMIConnect June 8-11 in Chicago, IL. BOOTH #2439. Connect with Anti-Fog Systems at or at Follow us
on Linkedin and Facebook.

Watch our video demonstration:


Contact Anti-Fog Systems: Angelo Ragone; President Anti-Fog Systems, LLC. 941.ANTIFOG 


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